Alfonso Pineda Ulloa, also known as Poncho, is an accomplished director with over a decade of experience in the film and television industry. He holds an MFA degree from the prestigious Producer's Program at the UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television, and has studied literature, cinematography, directing, scriptwriting, and film production. Poncho's career has been marked by many notable achievements, including participating in the IFP's "Project Involve" mentorship program, where he worked under the tutelage of Rodrigo García on his award-winning feature film NINE LIVES and HBO's TV series BIG LOVE. This experience taught him to be a humane actors' director and hone his skills as a strong visual director who knows how to tell a story visually, cover a scene effectively, and convey genuine emotions.

Pineda Ulloa has directed projects in various genres, from intimate dramas and action thrillers to teen adventure musicals. In 2022, he directed two female-driven TV shows, Apple TV+ crime thriller LAS AZULES and LUCHA! DESPIERTA TU NATURALEZA a teen adventure musical for Disney+. He is also editing his latest feature film and most personal project, TODAVIA CONMIGO (Still With Me), a road trip drama about grief, trauma, and attachment.

Pineda Ulloa's first feature film, AMOR DOLOR Y VICE VERSA (Love Pain and Vice Versa), was part of the Narrative Feature competition at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival. He also directed the English-language action thriller THERE ARE NO SAINTS by Paul Shrader, starring Jose María Yazpik, Ron Perlman, Paz Vega, Tim Roth, and Karla Souza, which is available on VOD. Additionally, he is one of the directors of LA HABITACIÓN (Mexican Tales), nominated for 7 ARIELES and directed by eight award-winning Mexican filmmakers.

In TV, Pineda Ulloa has directed highly acclaimed shows such as QUIÉN MATÓ A SARA? (Who Killed Sara?) for Netflix, which became the world's #1 show and was seen by 54 million subscribers. He also directed the HBO series SR. ÁVILA, which won the International Emmy in 2017, and his multi-awarded HASTA QUE TE CONOCÍ, about famous Mexican singer Juan Gabriel, was nominated for the International Emmy in the same year. He also directed EL RECLUSO (The Inmate), produced by Telemundo for Netflix, which was nominated for the International Emmy in 2019.

As a director, Pineda Ulloa is committed to creating exceptional content that resonates with audiences. He brings a collaborative approach to his work, working closely with producers, showrunners, actors, and crew members to bring his vision to life. Believing in the power of storytelling to connect with audiences on a deep level, he strives to create thought-provoking and entertaining content. With each project he takes on, Pineda Ulloa aims to push the boundaries of what's possible and bring a fresh perspective to the screen. With over a decade of experience in the industry and a proven track record of success in different genres, Poncho is a director of exceptional talent and professionalism.

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